Sunday, May 11, 2014

Three Things Make Company Changes And Growth

I've been as a team leader for several years already. The people work under my leadership and management they always get happy and get the motivation. They work very committed and follow the project schedule that I put for them.

The successful company, that doesn't mean we depend on we've got powerful man or we're a billionaire or we are the richest in the world but it exactly depends on the people around us how to make the people our employees have the real commitment in the company and how to motivate them.

There are three things I'd always like to stick in my mind to lead my teamwork:

1. Make a "Love"
I  always love my employees, my developers team and all in the company, we work together we have to believe each other because we have only one way to go and accomplish the only one vision for the company so we need to make more "Love" to everyone.

2. Make a "Like"
I always like every ideas proposed by my employees I like their innovation, their good faith, creative and commitment. I always accept their experiences and explanation because we are a team we need to adapt each other, support ideas each other. Sometime the leader's ideas are not correct all the time, there are some wrong and some right. So I like everyone's comment, idea and shares. Employees like to stay very comfortable and open.

3. And "Care"
I care of my employees especially their health, so we need to make sure our company environment is staying very healthy and comfortable. I care of their works, codes and problem so when I care of them I will understand their work much and much then I can manage, resolve and help them on time.

Employees need our care, employees need freedom so that the leader must have a kind of democratic leadership in their self and open mind to everyone in the company so that is to make them more confident and they will never scare of us anymore otherwise they will care of us back, exactly.

 By: ChanHan

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