Sunday, September 11, 2016

Problems with OWC11 interop publishing to development server

Yes, you can do this by using start->run type c:\windows\assembly\gac  do not try to browse to it you cannot get there. hit Enter.
Next copy the folder called  Microsoft.Office.Interop.Owc11 to a location that you can reach from the server.  Log on to the server and then use the start->Run type c:\windows\assembly\gac once there copy the folder into it.  This should fix the problem.


If you still have a problem with Oledb connection please download "AccessDatabaseEngine_X64 .EXE" and install one more then it will be solved.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Human Mindset Really Different

I believe that each people absolutely  have different mindset from one to another.

One thing, they need the same is reputation. Reputation is reflected to people's value.

People live around the world have their personal value, of course. So we need to respect the value as a human, share respectful behavior to each other rather than using bad words, or blame them without a reason.

When we respect, defend them or give them a warm while they are our employees then we will become a good leader as always.

Thank everyone for having a confident on me, I will stand by you in all circumstance.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Changes to Improve A Lot of Works

Life is so short,  we don't know when the world lose us!
So please keep doing the best thing you're wanna to do now!

Every of kind, morality and honesty people mostly get more pressure at workplace environment while that company is less of policy & rules' respect.

Those kind people, they like to help whom around them all the time as needed. Sometime they tell about the technique how to do, and sometime they help to implement tasks directly instead.

When we have got a such kind mind in our heart and we often pity people around us every time like this, we will return back the most pressure in life such as no time enough for community meetup, family, friends and personal relax at all.

For me, as experiences I like to help a lot of friends, employees or other people who ask for helps from me. I love to teach them, I love to help them and frequently those people always get motivation from me, of course.

I've worked for several organization, local & international companies over 10 years until now, I manage many companies in the same time, but let's keep the difficult works at apart of my heart and keep slowly resolving it. Customers & Investors are the most challenge for me because they want the easier & the best thing done smoothly to regenerate as much as money as they want.

My challenge is when going to have a meeting with customers & investors and listen to their comments and feedback. I'm so shy of them when I cannot complete projects on time as scheduled.

There are some projects are very sensitive which we cannot assign the team to handle directly, so only us alone to groom it and fix accordingly.

I always tell myself that "We're a human, we were born to help to resolve the problems, so please don't get bored with those.". This sentence is keeping motivation for me all the time and thank to whom that got experience as me.

Thank you,

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Effective of Good Leadership

Across several years long of leadership experiences, I have been recognized to be a good brother, good leader and respectful manager of everybody, in subordinates' eyes.

I always give a warm support, a special assistant while they've got serious problems. I provide the honesty love, the true motivation which all these make them very confident on mine.

Thank you so much everyone for all the time appreciation and treat me as your brother. I do love you guys.

Below is  a message from staff: