Thursday, October 2, 2014

Teamwork Meeting 03 Oct 2014

This morning, 03 October 2014, I had a meeting with my teamwork to discuss about work progresses and new strategies.

I gave them some advices as follow:

"To do a business is like taking care of  your flowers. If you don't water it then It's going to die soon, if you water it everyday then It will grow up more faster but if it grows up only leaves and stems without having fruitage it is still useless. To water it to expect for fruitage if no fruitage then watering it for what!

I take care of businesses in our Company is like watering flowers. I have to follow up, move it forward to the market successfully which customers can know and understand about it clearly. Particularly they can use it usefully, and after they can use it happily & confidently then we will get more benefits and revenues from them.

What I think at the first it is our customers, secondly I think of my employees and thirdly I take care of investors & shareholders, a whole company's business that I'm managing."

Best Regard,
Chan Han