Thursday, May 24, 2012

Google Search Engine And E-Visa Keyword

Google keeps tracking Cambodia e-visa on the top page ranking ever.
Below is some tips to find Cambodia e-Visa on google search engine in case you do not remember or forget the website

We do understand very well that Google is very hug and also a giant search engine in the world which serving search results for people who wish to find or download documentation.

Cambodia e-Visa has been made it extremely more easier now because Google Search Engine is appearing it on the top 10 of search results while you type a number of  keywords below:

1. evisa: if you try to search Cambodia e-Visa website by keyword "evisa" in google search box then you will see it in number 4 or 5 in search results.

2. e-visa: if you try to search Cambodia e-Visa website by keyword "e-visa" in google search box then you will see it in number 4 in search results.

3. e visa: if you try to search Cambodia e-Visa website by keyword "e visa" in google search box then you will see it in number 1 in search results.

4. visa: if you try to search Cambodia e-Visa website by using keyword "visa" in google search box then you will see it in page ranking number 5 and the link is appeared in number 4 of search results. This keyword is being listed a bit far from the search. 
Please look at picture:
 Totally, we would like to provide you some helpful keywords you want to find Cambodia e-Visa on Google search. Please see below:

1. Cambodia e-Visa (recommended)
2. e-Visa Cambodia (recommended)
3. Cambodia Visa (recommended)
4. Visa Cambodia (recommended)
5. Khmer e-Visa (recommended)
6. e-Visa Khmer (recommended)
7. e-Visa (recommended)
8. eVisa (recommended)
9. e Visa (recommended)
10. Visa (Not recommended)

May it help you.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cambodia e-Visa Online support released!

The way you can contact or communication with Cambodia e-Visa operation officer that has been already available on the website such as email address, telephone, yahoo messenger, skype but now we just release a new chat board to offer an opportunity for tourists more easier to ask for helps or other concerning information relate to e-Visa application.

So currently tourists can contact us by many ways:
1. Send by e-mail address
2. Call by telephone
3. Chat by yahoo messenger
4. Chat or call by skype
5. Chat with online support 

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Don't Worry About People!

Somebody just told me,

"Don't worry about people, they will all die one day!"

Very mean quote, but very true.

We spend our lives worrying about what others might think of us,
We spend our lives worrying about how to get over broken relationships,
We spend our lives regretting the wrong choices we made,

And we don't realise this Life is so short,

We spend our lives worrying about important things,
Important things which compared to this Life,
In the end appear very petty,

We spend our lives taking others for granted,
Wondering if something go wrong,
We shall get over it together,

And we don't realise this Life is so short,

We can not predict the next moment,
Sometimes it feels we do not even have the right to dream about a tomorrow,
We can not even hope for the Sun to rise again,
Nothing lasts forever,

This Life is so short,
It can stop now,
You might be smiling at this very moment,
It takes only one word,
It takes only one action,
It takes only one breath for this smile to turn into a tear,

Live your life to the fullest,

And don't worry about people,

They will all die one day! :)


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook (BBC)

In just seven years, Mark Zuckerberg has gone from his Harvard college dorm to running a business with 800 million users, and a possible value of $100 billion. His idea to 'make the world more open and connected' has sparked a revolution in communication, and now looks set to have a huge impact on business too.

Emily Maitlis reports on life inside Facebook. Featuring a rare interview with Zuckerberg himself, the film tells the story of Facebook's creation, looks at the accuracy of The Social Network movie, and examines Facebook's plans to use the personal information it has collected to power a new kind of online advertising.

Facebook is building from scratch. It is really amazing one that is networking billion users now.

by: Han4U 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Still Be Able To Process The e-Visa Application

There are many people come from variety countries at Africa, they are really required many documentation while intend to apply for e-Visa to Cambodia. These countries are including:
1. Cameroon
2. Liberia
3. Nige
4. Guinea
5. Guinea Bissau
6. Mali
7. Sierra Leone
8. Mozambique
9. South Africa
10. Ghana
11. Congo
12. Tanzania

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is strict to these countries for e-Visa application.

They are required to have a proper legal insurance from governor or organization in those countries before applying and they are required some completed documents as listed below:

1- At least 6 months passport validity;
2- Attestation, issued by the ministry of foreign affairs of those countries Embassy accredited to the Kingdom of Cambodia;
3- Letter of Guaranty from any international organization or travel agency in Cambodia, and their representative needs to welcome you at the airport or checkpoint, in the present of the immigration police on your arrival;
4- Must have 1,000 USD cash in hand when travel to Cambodia,

Cambodia e-Visa website:


Anyway, if you get hassle to complete all upon requirements, you also can contact with a local travel agency in Cambodia called "PHUMMON KHMER TRAVEL & TOUR CO., LTD" to inquire them to help for your e-Visa application.

PHUMMON KHMER TRAVEL & TOUR CO., LTD is a leading and the first travel agency which working on the online visa application in Cambodia. So if you are in one of upon nationalities you might ask for them to help to apply for your e-Visa to Kingdom of Cambodia.



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Love Expat Blog

The expat blog is really amazing since i just started to register with it. Expat's goal is helping expatriates to look for the places, opportunities and networking over the internet.

Travel & Tour companies exactly might be able to place the special promotions, locations or resorts for expatriates around the world to let them know about the benefits and advantages as well.

Member of expat blog can post many kind of things such as blog, forum, photos, classifieds, housing, jobs..ect.

Enjoy with

Or you can add me into your contact at

By: Han4U

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Mother Got A Very Beautiful Granddaughter

Elder sister delivered one more baby this morning around 9AM, Monday May 07, 2012 at Kratie province hospital. This is really an impressive news for my mother and I believe that she is getting a smile and happy with a whole of her family. Her granddaughter weights about 3kg that is enough for the babies in such weight.

Many blessings from my mother to her granddaughter that is very happiness and she hopes that her granddaughter will become a very smart, commit every hassle situation in life and has more challenging & opportunities.

 Good luck, niece!