Thursday, September 26, 2013

Entrepreneur's Behaviour

Entrepreneur, Everyday is very busy.
Entrepreneur, Sleep is never comfortable.
Entrepreneur, Eating is never regularly.

To become a entrepreneur is what  you wish, right?
But it is never easier like you think.

Your long vision, real thought, real work and real commitment all those are the basic of way toward a real entrepreneur.

Below is what that all entrepreneurs always do.

By: Han4U

Saturday, September 21, 2013

When We Were Young

Which one is more handsome than between HY ChanHan and Steve Jobs?
This picture is when we were young.

It looks like a little bit similar, right?


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chengdu, China (15 - 17 September 2013)

Flight on 15th September 2013

I went to Chengdu City, China from 15th - 17th September 2013 in purpose to join a meeting at there.

Chengdu City is the hometown of giant panda and it is also a place of three kingdom's history (Ju Keur Leang and Leav Pey).

Chengdu City has been developed about 20years already and presently they're still constructing more buildings. The city looks very modern & advanced especially there are many streets, bus, taxi system, buildings,  Metro and hotels.

It is absolutely very clean city. If  you flight from Cambodia you have to take about 10hours to arrive.

The favorite food of people in Chengdu they like to eat any foods which has much spicy and saltish.

By: Han4U

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Make Your Dream Come True

1. They took many years but it still did not work.
2. They knew it many years but it still had nobody take care.
3. They discussed about it once again and again but it was still pending.

Finally, after I came into the works every things has been completed successfully. Their dream come true now.

I'm the one who make your dream come true.

By: Han4U

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Am A Warm Of Everybody

My family need me.
My love need me.
My company need me.
My brother & sister need me.

   Picture from Google

Responsibility is a key that all of people must have it. It is a warm, it is a confident needed by every people around you.

When I stayed far away from my home for a week or months, I felt that everyone in family were very lonely they were so cold. A big warm of a big brother in a family is very important for everyone. He really has many big tasks to do every days and higher responsibilities for his family, broth and sister.

My love need me, she loves me to stay closer and need a lot of cares from me. A warm of love is also needed to take care of it crucially otherwise there will be broken one day.

I'm a General Manager in one company. 
If there is my presence in office everyday, I felt that every colleagues or CEO they have confident and they have a warm. When I have a trip to somewhere that is very far way from company, urgently they look for me and contact me all the time because they need a warm from me. My responsibilities in company very huge.

Everyone really need a WARM from me, 
so I am a WARM of everyone.

By: Han4U