Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finally I can live till 2012

My life, that is a pity life of me to struggle across over the years. I've never thought I have my life till today. I hope that the year of 2012 is the great year to update my life more and more to make change my life as well as people around me. If I die at some day I would like to be the top number one of the most discussion by people around me.

Actually I will not die because I have not completed my ambition yet. My ambition is hug that no one can imagine. What is that? [That is "I want to change the world and change the way of people live & esp. change people's behavior"]

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Check & Change Your e-Visa Status

Have  you ever had an experience to buy items on the internet and pay with Visa/Master card? Visa/Master card is a popular method for people over the world to purchase something online. Sometime you also get some failures during processing as well because of your internet is slow down or your Visa/Master card number is typed wrongly. To resolve this problem you have to re-pay again once you see that your internet connection is enough faster than or Visa/Master card number and its expiry date is correct. 

Importantly, E-mails address also are used to send and receive messages by other millions different companies around the world per each second. We see that the number of these transactions, per each second, it is very hug and large. I think that there are at least 20% are going into spam box or junk mail box, other 60% are going correctly into mail box but there is 20% I expect that it will be failed exactly because I think that sometime the email address are written incorrectly or the e-mail transactions are stuck in any each second by slow internet connection or something else, so that causes it cannot send out.

Anyway, as the information is shown on the website that Cambodia e-Visa use e-mail address and reference number as important method to check e-Visa status whether it is approved or not approved, moreover it is used to download e-Visa certificate after approval also. You are required to spell and provide your e-mail address correctly before applying for e-Visa to Cambodia so that e-Visa officers can send e-Visa certificate to  you as soon as possible or else e-Visa certificate will not be sent. 
And in case  you don't get your e-Visa certificate after applied for 3 working days thru your e-mail address so your are recommended to go to "Check & Change" link on e-Visa homepage by filling up  your reference number and e-mail address to download it. [See picture]

The official Cambodia e-Visa website

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Professional Cambodia e-Learning Team

We specialize in e-Learning. We created e-Learning system successfully in Cambodia since 2008-2009. We trained the National Institute of Education, Kingdom of Cambodia.

We are professional of Moodle management system. We were working for The Open Institute Organization. We changed the way of people learning by using technologies.

We have five professionals that developed the first e-Learning system in Cambodia. (e-Learning team)

1. Miss. Kong Sidarath: She is project coordinator (Facebook)
2. Mr. Leang ChumSoben: He is course coordinator and trainer (Facebook)
3. Mr. Sam Sary: He is course coordinator and trainer (Facebook)
4. Mr. Hy ChanHan: He is developer (Facebook)
5. Mr. Mak Dara: He is technical support (Facebook)

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By: Han4U

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fake E-Visa Warning

Fake E-Visa Warning
The Royal Embassy of Cambodia wishes to advise visitors to the Kingdom of Cambodia of the fake e-visas issued by the following three websites: by TM NET SDN BHD company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and by COMSTOCK DATA MINING company in Texas, USA.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Kingdom of Cambodia has already informed the countries concerned to take legal action against the above three mentioned websites.


Visitors fill hotels in Sihanoukville

Year-end travelers have fully booked Sihanoukville province’s hotels and guesthouses for the first-ever Sea Festival, which is expected to attract thousands of visitors this year, tourism officials said.

Tith Chantha, general director at the Ministry of Tourism, confirmed that all hotel and guesthouse rooms were booked for New Year’s, adding that the Cambodian coast became more popular since joining the Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club in May.

Kuy Sengteang, a receptionist at the Holiday Palace Hotel in the province, said that the hotel’s 81 rooms had been fully booked for about three weeks.

“This year, many [people] called to book the rooms, but our hotel doesn’t have available rooms,” she said.

The Makara and Orchidee Guest Houses in Sihanoukville also reported full capacity from December 24 until January 4.

Seng Kha, deputy director of Sihanoukville province’s Tourism Department, said that of the 4,000 hotel and guesthouse rooms in Preah Sihanouk province, around 1,700 rooms belong to guesthouses and more than 2,000 to hotels.

“I think these numbers cannot accommodate all visitors,” he said.  However, while hotels are booked, he said some small guesthouses in rural areas may still have rooms available.

“We can not assume that all rooms are booked because we also have a lot of hotels and guesthouses in [rural areas],” he said.

The Ministry of Tourism organised the Sea Festival, which starts on December 31, to celebrate Cambodia’s acceptance into the Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club.

Angkor Wat has also seen high tourist numbers as 2011 draws to a close. The number of foreign tourists who visited the park rose by more than 20 per cent through November, according to official figures from the Apsara Authority, the state institution that manages the park.

Ngov Seng Hak, director of Siem Reap province’s Tourism Department, estimates that total numbers may reach 1.5 million foreign visitors by the end of the year.

Ninety-five per cent of international tourists who come to Siem Riep do so to visit the temple complex, he said.

He added that with the sharp growth of tourists, however, the province still lacked services for Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese tourists. Of the 3,400 tourist guides in the country, only 50 speak Vietnamese, he said.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Not Late To Do

Start thinking what you love to do and learn to expect to build up something new today. It's not late for  you to consider or start up your ideas to make change your life and updates the ways of your living. The most of failure people they've always got a hopeless and regret in their life when they were met by unsuccessful things. So this briefed article will be your encouragement to help you to recover your hopes back. You must think that people absolutely have different life, some people they succeed with a business and some other people they perfectly get the best way in education...extra. In which they exactly had ever met many failures already but all of them know how to use that failure to be success. The failures are just your experience and experiences will make you a success in the future. So to be a successful people you must delete the words "Hopeless and Regret" out of your brain precisely but you must take those to become your challenges. I had ever lived in a wide environment that no relatives and I was a newcomer for this environment, Phnom Pneh, Cambodia in 2002 but I dared to come to compete with this society during my family had a very low economy I really appreciated my family right decision that they decided correctly to sent me to challenge with people here.

The first time of leaving my homeland toward PhnomPenh it was really difficult and that was really hard time for me to used to be with all things around. To achieve my goals to be in the top 10 of my classmates I have committed to do something seriously and deleted all "embarrassing, hopeless, regret, die". That time I seemed to be a man staying far away from relatives and close friends. They all mostly forgot me already because I had hidden myself quietly in Ounalom pagoda, my activities at that time it was just "go , come back, sit and concentrated on my study only".

And until now I have done many thing for changing people lives, not only my family, villagers, new young generation but i have completed the Cambodia e-Visa system urgently, spent only one year to built up all of things even system and server installation. This is really helpful way to change people's living as well. People will get more easier to apply for e-Visa to Cambodia now. The system has been moving people over the world to the internet and it will provide older generation to try to be familiar with the internet benefit exactly. Visit Cambodia is not difficult anymore because of technology increasingly grow up then the Ministry of Foreigner Affairs and International Cooperation has created e-Visa system to fit with your requirements and world.

So please do not be hopeless or regret anymore, please try to apply for it today by just wasting only 10 minutes at anytime & from anywhere to complete your application form and your e-Visa will be approved in 3 working day.

By: Han4U

Friday, December 9, 2011

Expect to grow up twice next year 2012

The fortune of people is not constantly staying with them, some days it's down and some days it is up so high. The number of tourists come to visit Cambodia always get lower and grow up highly by seasons (low season and high season). The last of few month in 2011, the number of tourists are coming to Cambodia is very high, this is accordance with my observation thru Cambodia e-Visa website survey. Cambodia is becoming a charming country because all the tourist areas are developed and pursuing development one year to one year continuously. Particularly the Ministry of Tourism Cambodia (MoT) has created and joined many events in this year 2011 and Cambodia e-Visa, providing online visa, also participated with them to offer people about online visa information and how to get it on the internet.

Anyway, if back to mention about my life for the last few month in 2011, I got many complaints from everywhere and from many people not only my relatives but even friends, and other people around me they also have not preferred what I'm doing as well. The fortune of my life this year 2011, is really bad and now I don't know where to go and what to do at all besides sitting and drinking beers alone in front of Computer. Especially the thing i almost forget to tell you guys is about my LOVE is also going not smooth and it always meet many obstacles every steps.

Finally, I expect and hope that I will achieve more better things even love in next year 2012.

By: Han4U

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tour Groups Get More Easier Now

Why do tour and travel agencies not concentrate on e-Tour promotion in order to obtain more profit from that?
Start up to design a website/weblog for your company today, it means that you are creating e-Tour promotion for your target people as well. People have a possibility to search for your company contacts more faster thru website/weblog and particularly they are be able to order, inquire or reserve your tour package more easier.

e-Tour promotion is an electronic tour promotion or it is a way of how to promoting your tour packages on the internet. It is one segment to generate your profit by online as well.

By the way, presently the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has built a platform for tour and travel companies to be able to apply visa through online for their guests also. So that this is also one of your benefit to make more revenue thru it. You can link e-Visa logo badge with your website/weblog at 

More information find at website