Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Benefit of Music

There are four things to make your life more happiness and smile to people around all the time.

1. Have affordable money
2. Have a good job
3. Sports
4. And can play music

I'd like to have all these in my life especially I love music, guitar since I was young. I can sing the songs when I was 15years old. I like to listen to the songs after study and works.

I also like playing sports like football and volleyball is my skill, i can play it the best and I play in the role of striker position.

I can also play Guitar, I like it and I'm learning it everyday.

Life is like wonderful!!!


Chhunmeng Lee Lee said...

The Reasonably Priced Restaurant

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chamroeun mata said...

Connecting with the nature

"The three bathrooms in this house are similarly sized and share many construction materials. In this ensuite, however, we wanted to introduce the timber element to create a luxurious, soft, enclosed feeling," stated architect Christian Anderson about the theme of the bathroom able to bring owners closer to the nature by using natural materials.

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In addition to the warmth of the bathtub, the one end side wall also create the same ambience with scented cedar wood. The floor surface also consisted of a natural material of basalt. To maintain a cozy temperature in the bathroom, underfloor heating was installed with an individual thermoregulatory.