Saturday, May 10, 2014

Entrepreneur And e-Commerce

Entrepreneurs need to keep the vision going successfully.

Below are some of Jack Ma's speech about his experiences with Alibaba.

Interview with Jack Ma: 

"1. On that time I worked for three months I can buy a bicycle. But today money is not the thing such interested."

"2. Doing business at everywhere is difficult not only in China, every thousand companies died every month or every week in China."

"3. No internet company is successful in the USA yet we're not starting yet we'll face some challenges in the future."

"4. First, I don't like talking about the competition because I think the competition is the far part of the business, I think as the business leader always focus on myself on the customers and my team then if i have time then think about the competitors. We just try to make sure Alibaba is the infrastructure of China's e-commerce."

"5. we started it from 18 people until 22000 employees now within two years, so it is very fast growing and we're from one company that focus on B2B help small medium size company in import/export and that company listed in Hong Kong. And second company is, people say Taobao is like eBay, no no Taobao and eBay totally are different. We focus on small B2C that's not C2C and third company is Alipay, third-party online payment. People say Alipay is like Paypal, No!!! It is different ."

~ (Jack Ma, is a Chinese Internet entrepreneur and founder of Alibaba Group -

By: Han4U

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