Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Mother Taught Me How To Read & Write

When I was in grade 2 and 3, I was not be able to read and write character well at all.

My life and every things I have today because of my mother, she gave me all of every things, knowledge, advices, and motivation.

When I was 8-9 years old, she taught me how to read and write every evening around 6pm to 7pam (one hour per day) after dinner.

She was not lazy to spend her time with me at all, one hour in every evening she stood behind and told me when I read some word wrongly. Sometime she hit me when I cannot remember the words correctly, the tear was falling down a little but I committed to understand what she tried to teach me.

After 1 year later, I can write and read very well. I can read book and write letter. To see that my mother was so happy because she expected that I can learn other thing by myself later on.

Now I can do every things by myself, I create something new and different to reach successful in my life. I do hope that my mother still stand next to me all the time to look at my success and achievement.

Mother!!! all of these achievement are yours, if without  you I will get nothing till today.

Mother!!! You born me, you looked after me and you also taught me. Finally you cannot wait to see what I've got successful for you. :'(



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