Sunday, January 27, 2013

You are a Star!

"You are a Star!", only one phrase but it is very meaningful for me.

I got it from Ms. Alice Frentz on January 27, 2013 at 12:48PM.

Ms. Alice, currently she is CEO of Hong Yang Corporation. I reported directly to her.

She said that I am a star of Company because I am a pleasure to manage and my ongoing contributions and professional demeanor set the example that she would like others people to follow me.

 I am a star of Company because I have achieved and maintain many works very professionally.
I'm moving my teamwork and company frequently step forward every year.

I always think very different ways from other people in developing business strategies to improve the Company.

I would really like her appreciation and thank you so much, Ms. Alice, for your support.

We need to know and understand our responsibilities clearly, when we know it well then we can do the works very professional without complexity.

Ms. Alice admired me "You are a Star!" while Mr. Soren Kirchner called me "Mr. Number #1" :)

Please call me "You are a Star!" as Ms. Alice did.


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