Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My 2012's Report

LIFE Report for 2012

There were many sadness in 2012 for my life. My life in 2012 was going very challenging and very sorrow. But I need to stand in a very robust situation and faithful ever.

The three sorrow things in 2012:
1. The biggest sadness, that was a fatal thing occurring to my mother she passed away from my life already on 12th March 2012 :'(. Thank you so much, Mother that you gave me a wonderful life and graduation from the University and now your son have stepped to the second successful phase in the country. Your son will continue your mission and commit to do a great thing for you and our family. Please you, mother, keep smile to me.

2. Second challenging, that was occurring at the workplace, there was a man standing in the same level (position) as me, he was wanting to fight me down out of from my current position in the company. This controversy was happening for about 3 or 4 months long and this problem really made me a very sick for a long time as well. Finally he lost me by the law.

3. Third problem, and it was a very headache thing for me as a manager. There was a staff performing the works wrongly from the responsibilities and company's rules. In that time I had got many doubts from managements because they suspected that I might have a involvement in this thing. In this problem was investigated for many weeks and I had to confront with managements team every day to find out and solve the problem. Finally I found that virus and that virus was in my company which I am taking responsible for. Everything back as normal now because that staff had removed and terminated from my company already.

Anyway, I was also having many luckiness in 2012 and that opportunities was given by my chairman. Thank you, chairman that you believe me and i would like to say I also believe you as well. We're still working together by a good brain and heart-by-heard with a very faithful. I love people around me and want to make them a smile. People around me they must love me and respect me and absolutely I also respect them. I am young but I know every thing. Again, thank you so much, Chairman that you give me a wonderful chance.

And in 2012, I also got four recommendations and appreciations from:
1. Mr. Soren Kirchner (CEO, Hong Yang Corporation)
2. Mr. Ben Siddons (Business Development Director at Hong Yang Corporation)
3. Mr. Darren Conquest (COO, Hong Yang Corporation)
4. Mr. Robert Wolfson (Acoustical research)

Thank you so much for your recommendations and appreciation in my works.

I am looking forward to see what is gonna happen in this year 2013 for my life. Hope it will be going fine with happiness.

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