Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ethical Behavior for Business Man

As a business man, we need to be honest, loyal and persistence in work. But some other business man thought that they have to legalize anything to get more profit.

We cannot live individual but social, that’s why we need to think about the other.

We as the business man do our work with honest, our company shows the progress then we can share it with open job vacancies for others. If we do corruption, of course we get much money but we loose our integrity as a business man even worst we can go to jail because of it.
So the ethical of doing honestly in business is importance to avoid the corruption happen. Every business man must know the ethics of doing business.

We need to differentiate about what is right and what is wrong on the behavior for those people whose working in business organizations. There fore as I said above honestly, loyalty, and integrity are some values of good business ethics.

There is never too late to increase the ethical behavior in every single part of business. By doing those, the company will impress the customers and will give good result of respects from the customers.

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