Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New Year 2013's Resolutions

It is a time to plan for what are the things that I am going to do for new year 2013.
There are many things already stick in mind now.

Resolutions I must do and achieve in 2013:
1. Preparing the personality: to be a gentleman with friendly, lovely and respectful for everyone around.
2. Clean up my bedroom and desk
3. Complete the rest systems from old year
4. Develop another new version of  E-commerce
5. Recruit more people to join with present teamwork
6. Increase more sales
7. Expand the company's brand
8. Complete MBA degree
9. Learn and focus more on Cloud computing
10. Research and concentrate more on Mobile development
11. Study more about system and business analysis methodologies
12. My mother's anniversary celebration
13. Increase more supporters
14. Complete Guitar course
15. Pursue my Japanese course 
16. Trip around the country, 24 provinces and cities.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! U have quite a long list of what u want and as expected, none of which is related to me, not even a tiny bit.