Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thank #1

Thank #1 (Thank Mr. Number #1) is a word that frequently used by Mr. Soren Kirchner when he call me either in the office or outside the office.

He is a CEO of Hong Yang Corporation he is very smart, creative, flexible and very friendly I love him as well as like working with him also.

I have a new name now that is Mr. #1, it is defined by Mr. Soren Kirchner

Why does he call me Mr. #1? :D
Because he has been recognizing that my leadership, commitment and challenging that I am providing to the company it is so much and very helpful particularly the company under my management regularly get DOUBLE revenue increment every year.

I hit the figure of revenue forecast to reaches double income every year, what amazing I am doing!

This evening I just got one email from him and he say it again that "Thank #1" :D

Call me as he does now!!!

Best regards,
HY Chan Han

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