Thursday, February 28, 2013

E-Commerce Concepts

Ecommerce means online processing developing,marketing,selling,delivering,servicing and paying for products and services transacted on internet worked with the help of world wide networks of business partners.

E-commerce uses a wide range of technologies like Electronic Data Interchange(EDI),Electronic Mail, Electronic Funds Transfer.(EFT).

The Ecommerce process includes the following business activities.

o Pre sales and Post sales support
o Internal Email and messaging
o Online publishing of corporate documents and forms
o Advertising and promotion of products and services
The Ecommerce has 3 broad categories:
o Business to Consumer(B2C)
o Business to Business(B2B)
o Consumer to Consumer(C2C)

Business to Consumer:
B2C is a popular form of e-commerce. There is a virtual storefront for customer in it through which he can browse and order goods. In such environment the consumer thinks himself in a real world shopping experience. One of the B2C example include

Business to Business:
If someone asks catalyst for the extranet then B2B comes first because B2B involves Electronic Business places and direct market links among businesses. An example of B2B is a company that uses a network for ordering to its suppliers, receiving invoices and payments.

Consumer to Consumer:
This category is in fact a strategy used by huge companies to sell goods through auctioning. The familiar example is e-bay.

Problems in Ecommerce Business:
There are so many confusions and problems in Ecommerce but the most important is security or privacy issue. Fear of corporate disrupt, theft of personal identities have lead to cautious approach in e-commerce business.

The emerging services and security technologies such as Advance Encryption techniques certification and digital signatures are producing a significant impact on ecommerce and user confident.

Today's topic of Ecommerce:
The most important of today's topic of E-commerce include Globalization and Quality Assurance.

The important question that arises in mind of business community today is how do companies in different continents become aware of their existence and the products that are offered?
How can company gain business traditions and conventions of some country on the opposite side of the globe?

Quality Assurance:
In any business uncertainty regarding the quality of product can lead to the collapse of the market. Consumers usually prefer to inspect goods before buying rather seeing pictures or reading the description.

The e-commerce revolution is in full swing. Start up ' 'companies are springing up on a daily basis and large corporation are developing new departments and employing new personnel to cope with the predicted demand.

Ecommerce is global in both concept and realization. The impact of e-commerce will be pervasive on society. Ecommerce offers the possibilities of break down changes. It is only a matter of time before e-commerce become obvious part of our lives.
Syeda Wasia Mushir Dept.Of Computer Science University of Karachi.

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