Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SSL Security Certificate Enrollment Procedure

I applied for SSL security certificate enrollment for my website in two years agreement from SSL company since 24th Apr 2012 and so far the process is still pending.

Yesterday night, 26th Jun 2012, I had an chatting with SSL support team they informed me that the request was already expired because of documents process was very late.

They would allow me to buy once again.

This is one of my experiences with SSL enrollment and later on i hope that i will be able to buy it successful or I will try to comply with their enrollment policy well.

During processing they ask me for many kinds of documentation as the following:

1. Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from web server.
2. Organization/Company License Certificate
3. Chief of Organization/Company Contacts Information
4. Technical and HR department Contacts information
5. Domain Name Registration Confirmation (from Domain name registrant)

If you are in Cambodia, you can buy or contact SSL support team in Singapore.

More detail about SSL enrollment please http://www.entrust.net/ssl-technical/enroll_faq.cfm

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