Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fraudulent Cambodia e-Visa websites

This article to inform you to stop confusing between the official Cambodia e-Visa website and fraudulent e-Visa website. Presently there are a few unofficial Cambodia e-Visa or fraudulent Cambodia e-Visa website that are built by other hackers illegally. They are trying to create something as same as the official Cambodia e-Visa website,, to make fraud to tourists.

So if you see the websites as listed as the following, please do not apply for e-Visa with them because those are all fraudulent websites:
1.    ( fraudulent website )
2.   ( fraudulent website )
3.   ( fraudulent website )
4. ( fraudulent website )
5.  ( fraudulent website )
6.  ( fraudulent website )
7. (fraudulent website)

Notice that: The official Cambodia e-Visa website has only one unique address that has been built by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Kingdom of Cambodia.

The official website address is:

If you have any question please contact them at
This article is to clarify what you are confusing in mind about Cambodia e-Visa website.

By: Han4U

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