Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The most quiet of all

My Life.
Since my birth.
My mother.

She took notice that my character since born was really more quiet than other in the family because I was a very shy boy of all. Mother mentioned that I like quiet and study alone in the room and sometime I missed foods or sleep while reading as well.

Since I was younger, what my mother also noticed and know about me was that I was the one who often and always won other people in the same my ages when played other games (young boy's games or boy's toys).

My mother, she was the one whom admired and appreciated my activities all the time she was really a good leadership. She knew how to recognized and motivated people well.

When I was about 11 - 15 years old I was a very good player at tennis, volleyball and football in the village.
My interest was very much in football and in that time my mother always complained me a lot about that because I did not help her to do the works at home at all and think of only football everyday.

Not only.
That time.

Even now I have been going into many work challenging in the country.
Every companies I have been experienced they always love me and admire what I achieve the results for them.

Last year, end of 2011 I got two different certificates from my chairman, first one is HARD WORKING certificate and second one is THE MOST QUIET certificate.

THE MOST QUIET to keep doing the work great and done on time with high quality.

Don't hate me as if I just keep quiet. The most quiet is not the VIRUS.

By: Han4U

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