Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dream Never Come

It's time to make a dream come true! 
That dream is to make people can obtain benefits equally in the open marketplace.

I have had a very diverse experiences in Innovation of Technology Industry I have shared my knowledge, ideas to thousand of students, friends and companies so far. It's now over 10 years already I've still been in such working environment and It's the age of changing I'm older enough to deeply think of how to invent something new by using own yearlong entrepreneurship.

I do believe that in order to make a dream come true is very hard and impossible as long as we have affordable investment (much money). When we think of money it makes us so headache and suck anyway.

If we start up from small thing, we have a proper brainstorming together and we have a strong teamwork then we might not think of money too much, but think about ideas, new innovation of technology about what society really needs in the present and future.

Changing life from working at private company to create own small business surely requires encouragement, motivation from people around especially family and friends. I have been supported by my wife she want to have small business which initiate by my experience & leadership because she do believes in mine. Small business is no need big money but a confident stakeholders.

To get bigger, we must start from small thing!

Build confident first before selling the service!
Build value first before recovering the expenses!

However, Dream never come!!!

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