Monday, June 22, 2015

How to become a "WINNER"

Message to my colleagues on 22nd June 2015

Team, Do you know?

On behalf of manager of the company, I would express that I also feel very regret to work with such dumb customers.

(1).Very slow decision making, (2).no proper management, (3).no collaboration, (4).no active, (5). Selfish (6). very aggressive; (7). and no adaptation; those are named "Idiot Customers".

To become a "winner" it is not easy but very tough to try; it needs more patient and higher commitment.

To cross the tough route and to beat "idiot people", I still need your try all the best.

Even though we've got "Game Over" often almost of the time, but please try to play it again & again. We will win it shortly, I believe.

Keep your motivation alive, team!!!

Best Regards,

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