Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Very Responsible Man

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At least It has been over 7 nights already I've been staying at office.

I work over 20hours per day. (7nights x 20hours = 140hours)

These days I have a very urgent work to complete it as soon as possible so I must take care of it responsibly.

I've tried all my best already and hope every things are going smooth and well.

Every night at office, I slept on chair all the time and now I've got backache.

My singly life are going very challenging, my struggle will bring me a very preferable results from people around.

I love to help people to make them more happier and happiness. Love to see people smile and their improvement.

I never think of my own healthy at all even I worked over midnight, no sleep, no enough eating or no travel but what I am doing those are called me "A very responsible man".

I like to do my works, I'd like to take responsible for it even I got nothing.
I don't like to do the works which I feel bored or that is not my responsible even they give me a million US dollars.

by: Han4U

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