Sunday, October 13, 2013

Enviroment & challenging change your life

Over 10years already...
From 2002 - 2013, life in Phnom Penh City.
My life has been changed a lot.
From a pagoda boy becomes a outstanding leader in a private company.
I've been generating over million dollars every year for the company.

When I was living at the province, life was full of difficult hassle. I lived in a poor economic family.

The information or news seemed like to be hidden from my life. I was very afraid or shy of the rich people I was jealous of their life so much and  I also ever expected to change my life to become the rich and rich more than those people who has been always in my memory so far.

I always drove my bike across a pagoda [HONG LAM pagoda] near my home and prayed for a successful life in the future to help my family more better and better like other people.

After moved to Phnom Penh city [2002] to pursue the bachelor degree, my life was very changed one day to one day. Indeed my parents had not enough budget to support my study at all and my life was getting more harder and harder that time. I started to feel very hopeless and feared whether I can graduate or stop studying, [in 2004].

The right decision was made by parents they decided to sell a part of land to neighbor to get some money to continue to support my bachelor degree's life.

One day to one day, parents was getting a bad healthy and older because they strived to earn, work and also feed some pigs, all those to support their family, sons and daughters. The situation pushed me to have two brains that time, one was studying and other one was finding a job to work to get some money to support my own life. Yes, i got it i had a salary a little bit, parents started to feel better [in 2005].

After got a  job, my study began to fall down at the private University because I had no much time to focus especially my health was not so good, I had a very thin body [this was study & career life] but fortunately god blessed me no having a serious sick at all even I lived in a very unhealthy place, slept not enough or ate not enough [always thank to god].

My life was changing from one place to other place in the City, the situation and though also was changed accordingly.

Finally I successfully graduated [in 2006].  I had a job and I can afford for my brother and sister's study in Phnom Penh City together. I have been very proud of myself so far, I have supported budget for brother, sister to graduate the bachelor degree at the University as well. A part, I'm also supporting for parents.

From 2006 - 2012, that was a very challenging life in the City to fight for a good career and better salary to support everyone in the family.

Mother always prayed for me to have a higher salary and have honor in the society and she frequently advised me to try to make a "love" for every people around and avoid all who are enemies. Mother, she liked to think too much and she was the one who worked so harder in the family to look after everything around.

She always reminded that "please did not work too hard till the midnight, son, you had to sleep early and take care of your health", I ever encouraged her that "please did not think of me too much, mother, I was fine the important thing was your health because you were older and unhealthy now".

The most sorrow and sad in life was "I lost mother from the world, I cannot meet her anymore in [2012]". It was very short time for her to see my successful life to live in the City.

Over 10years of life in the City, every things have been changed a lot.
I lost a part of land
I cannot see my mother anymore
Two of brother & sister have graduated.
Father is getting older, he cannot work anymore.
I become a outstanding leader in a private company.

"Environment and challenging really change our life"

What is the next going to happen to my single life?

By: Han4U

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