Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10 Things That Leaders Never Missed

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Today and Tomorrow I'm still a good leader of everybody in the company and family.

In fact, I'm not a manager or boss at all but I'm a leader to lead the company and everyone to the success point.

Leaders are always standing in the front line of everyone to help, guide them to the right way to walk through.

Leaders must have a strong commitment to take care of every colleagues by considering them as our family, brother or sister.

Furthermore, Leaders also must have a higher qualification or more experiences than the other in the company or they must have initiative ideas in order to research something new to develop staffs's capacity as well.

Presently I'm a leader for a number of staffs in a private company in the country, the way I behave every day is to create something new to move company forward to hit the target plan. Of course I seriously behave a good attitude to everyone as well as my colleagues which is from bottom level till up level.

There are 10 important things I frequently behave everyday in the company:
  1. The best strategy planner
  2. The best marketing promoter
  3. The best new opportunity seeker
  4. The best thinker
  5. The best long vision keeper
  6. The best trainer
  7. The best collaborator
  8. The best presenter
  9. The best committed leader
  10. The best problem solver

I take care of people, I love them when they are always with me.

By: Han4U

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