Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Remote Working Is Basically Advantage For Related IT Industry

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Please do not mind where I am or why I'm not in the office mostly everyday but in fact I'm managing my staffs, works and controlling system operation from remote working effectively.

I'm working for IT industry many years and I've thought that remote working experience is very import for IT guys.

Now I am staying far away from my office for a week but every processes and managements are still working properly that is because of effect remote working and good collaboration from my colleagues.

So please do not care of where I am or why I'm not in the office but everybody have to care of whether operation in the company is working properly or not when I'm not there.

If the company operation is still working effectively so that means the management is monitored or controlled 100% correctly from Managers.

Remote working, we can focus on the connectivity tools between employees and managers such as e-mail, social media, chat by skpye or online conferences.

By: Han4U

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