Sunday, December 11, 2011

Not Late To Do

Start thinking what you love to do and learn to expect to build up something new today. It's not late for  you to consider or start up your ideas to make change your life and updates the ways of your living. The most of failure people they've always got a hopeless and regret in their life when they were met by unsuccessful things. So this briefed article will be your encouragement to help you to recover your hopes back. You must think that people absolutely have different life, some people they succeed with a business and some other people they perfectly get the best way in education...extra. In which they exactly had ever met many failures already but all of them know how to use that failure to be success. The failures are just your experience and experiences will make you a success in the future. So to be a successful people you must delete the words "Hopeless and Regret" out of your brain precisely but you must take those to become your challenges. I had ever lived in a wide environment that no relatives and I was a newcomer for this environment, Phnom Pneh, Cambodia in 2002 but I dared to come to compete with this society during my family had a very low economy I really appreciated my family right decision that they decided correctly to sent me to challenge with people here.

The first time of leaving my homeland toward PhnomPenh it was really difficult and that was really hard time for me to used to be with all things around. To achieve my goals to be in the top 10 of my classmates I have committed to do something seriously and deleted all "embarrassing, hopeless, regret, die". That time I seemed to be a man staying far away from relatives and close friends. They all mostly forgot me already because I had hidden myself quietly in Ounalom pagoda, my activities at that time it was just "go , come back, sit and concentrated on my study only".

And until now I have done many thing for changing people lives, not only my family, villagers, new young generation but i have completed the Cambodia e-Visa system urgently, spent only one year to built up all of things even system and server installation. This is really helpful way to change people's living as well. People will get more easier to apply for e-Visa to Cambodia now. The system has been moving people over the world to the internet and it will provide older generation to try to be familiar with the internet benefit exactly. Visit Cambodia is not difficult anymore because of technology increasingly grow up then the Ministry of Foreigner Affairs and International Cooperation has created e-Visa system to fit with your requirements and world.

So please do not be hopeless or regret anymore, please try to apply for it today by just wasting only 10 minutes at anytime & from anywhere to complete your application form and your e-Visa will be approved in 3 working day.

By: Han4U

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