Friday, December 9, 2011

Expect to grow up twice next year 2012

The fortune of people is not constantly staying with them, some days it's down and some days it is up so high. The number of tourists come to visit Cambodia always get lower and grow up highly by seasons (low season and high season). The last of few month in 2011, the number of tourists are coming to Cambodia is very high, this is accordance with my observation thru Cambodia e-Visa website survey. Cambodia is becoming a charming country because all the tourist areas are developed and pursuing development one year to one year continuously. Particularly the Ministry of Tourism Cambodia (MoT) has created and joined many events in this year 2011 and Cambodia e-Visa, providing online visa, also participated with them to offer people about online visa information and how to get it on the internet.

Anyway, if back to mention about my life for the last few month in 2011, I got many complaints from everywhere and from many people not only my relatives but even friends, and other people around me they also have not preferred what I'm doing as well. The fortune of my life this year 2011, is really bad and now I don't know where to go and what to do at all besides sitting and drinking beers alone in front of Computer. Especially the thing i almost forget to tell you guys is about my LOVE is also going not smooth and it always meet many obstacles every steps.

Finally, I expect and hope that I will achieve more better things even love in next year 2012.

By: Han4U

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