Saturday, November 28, 2009

To be a successful business

What are the people doing? Are they making money with own business?
This is the generation of technology, the most of businessman in world they know well about the strategy to get people come to their products either off-line and online the internet ways.

To be a successful businessman, i think that all businessman must know clearly about how to use ICT such as some of communication tools (Chat, forum, blog), and email, Social networking...(Online marketing).

Nowadays we cannot do a business without the internet, it's focusing on instant promotion on the website, contact customers by email, promote your product on blog or discuss and provide solution via forum...etc that's the way to make your own business works. So two ways must go together to push your biz run and get people to know , they are online marketing and offline marketing, both must go together.

In Cambodia, even though it is just getting a peace and they are considered as development country but ICT is very fast going now because of under prime minister HUN SEN's leading, all infrastructure like road development, bridge development, HR development and especial ICT development to make our country go very fast like the other country around us.

Addition to these, we're seeing that each of students they have own Handbook computer or Laptop computer and gathering to discuss, searching , and some learning on the internet via their own stuff. All these show very clear that whoever not only me or you but everybody are trying to push ICT in Cambodia to grow up and better than.

HY ChanHan

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