Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I heard that there are many IT experts in Cambodian is regretting with Mr.Soy Sopheap's words on CTN he said that cambodian's IT knowledge is limited , this word hurt many Cambodian who are in IT domain. There are many blogs against with his and try to tell the solution on the internet.

I am also one of Cambodian and is trying to explore in IT sector, i am also pain with his speech on CTN :(

But now i am trying, studying , analyzing all the best on his website with number of million visitors per day what server should it use to fit with those visitors. (off-line solution, directly to DAP office) I just want to show him that Cambodian's IT is patient, struggle and unlike what he said. And my friend continued "there are many foreigners under his control now" to Mr. Soy Sopheap.

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