Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DAP-NEWS is compatible for all web browsers


DAP-NEWS.COM is the top 10 data center of news in Cambodia as Khmer Language. New DAP is compatible for all web browsers after i embedded it with the new term of CSS3 next generation of CSS.

So you still can read it even though you computer don't have Limon Fonts installation.

Do you want your website is compatible for all web browser too?
Do you want your website is read by visitor who don't have Khmer font installation?

Do you want your website embed on:
1- FireFox3.5
2- Safari
3- Google Chrome
4- Opera

I can do it now!!! All web browsers are supported with Khmer Font Embed after CSS3 released.

HY ChanHan
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011 711 756


Anonymous said...

But I can's the this site in Ubuntu. Do I have to install limon font in Ubuntu?

Why this site don't use Khmer Unicode Font? Because in Ubuntu has khmer unicode font.

ហ៊ី ចាន់​ហាន said...

Yeah!! i am one of Khmer Unicode fan, i am working with Khmer Unicode nowadays.

But DAP-NEWS said that because of their newspaper use Limon S1 and Quark software doesn't support Khmer Unicode, then they like using Limon fonts.

Sokhayouk said...

So regret to hear this news but congratulation to you for your news job, news environment, and new development.

Hey, don't forget to joint our party.

I will miss you big big big

ហ៊ី ចាន់​ហាន said...

Keep in touch with me !!! I am very happy boy , want to work in large environment.

When you start providing your invitation letter of you wedding , please don't forget me.

I would like dancing, especially MAK DEE ZON.. he he he :p

Hong said...

QuarkXPress 8 support Khmer Unicode well.