Monday, August 10, 2009

CSS3 embed font-face

What is CSS, yet alone CSS3?

Very briefly, CSS stands for ‘Cascading Style Sheets’ and is a mark-up language for altering and giving style to a website. The 3, is just to represent the next generation in style sheet language. A version number, if you will.

Why am I writing about CSS3 if it is not yet fully supported?

Because it is fun to learn new things! …and a few people have asked me how to get the rounded corners on their online profiles. I explained how to do this with images or CSS3 and like a snowball rolling down a hill, I am here writing up a few things I’ve been learned along the way and hope that it will this may just help others out too.

CSS3 is not new, it is just the new term that W3C has posted it recently how to make them to load dynamically from server to user agent's computer.

So you can embed your font on FireFox or Safari, Chrome...

Here is a quick ‘CSS3 versus Browser’ outlook:-

1- FireFox (3.0.5 ...some support)
2- Google Chrome ( support)
3- Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7, IE8…Not support)
4- Opera (9.6… little support)
5- Safari (3.2.1 on Windows… good support)

So for now we can embed Khmer Unicode on FireFox or Safari...Cheer!!!

More detail:

BY: Mr. HY ChanHan

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Rithy001 said...

Have u tested on google chrome?
In fact google chrome doesn't support embed font!