Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why could i become a Web Master till today???

I am a student, would like to research on technologies related-domain since i was in Year I at BBU of Cambodia. I am a student, would like considering about how to create a website, how to allow the people see my articles, all these pushed me to ask somebody who have a lot of experience with the website especial my lecturers at school but they seems to me that they didn't tell me clearly about it at all :(. Even though i cannot get a good solution from the others i still have a will to find out those by myself untill i can post one page on Geocitities of Yahoo and, they are free space for hosting, while i was very happy i tried to create a lot of page with HTML code and design banner with Photoshop it looked great but it was still not professional webpages because it displayed well only opened with IE6 :(. Though i can host my webpages with those free hosting i still didn't understand about what is the Web server, Web Hosting and Domain definition at all. I want to have my own web server and my own domain i didn't know what should i do??? :(

In 2004 i had passed as a Web Master to work with Micro Domain Company, it is working on Articles to earn money by Google Adsense, founder is Mr. Robert Wolfson. Thanks to Mr. Robert that he was always gave a lot of good idea relate with his experiences to me, i like coding and learning new technologies from him. What i got from him is "How to make money on the internet". I just heard and read this article it made me very interested in doing more websites to earn money.

Thanks for reading, wait for next bio

Wrote by: Mr. Hy ChanHan


M3 said...

Oh jeng hor my dear!!! I just knew how u become what u r rit now. such a interesting story u have here :)

Anonymous said...

If i talk about my bio, 10 pages is not enough, i think :)

I will try to write it down next time.

Thanks my dear,

Hy ChanHan

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