Monday, May 4, 2009

How to connect internet with Mobitel

You don't need to be attached to your mouse to surf the Internet. Now you can get online while you're on the move. Log on to your favorite Web sites or check email even without using a computer!

Features of Cellcard Mobile Internet
• Conveniently access the Internet on your mobile phone
• Stay informed by visiting search engines, news groups, and any Web site you like
• Download or stream music, videos, and images wherever you are
• Send and receive Web email such as via Yahoo! or Gmail, or activate Cellcard mobile email to have your own mobile email address
• Bookmark Web pages you like so you can return to them easily

How to register for mobile Internet

1. On the Cellcard Menu on your phone, click Internet
2. Click Register
3. When asked for a PIN, type 1234 and send
4. When asked to save Cellcard Internet settings on your phone, click Yes or OK

TMS Configuration
1. Go to menu -> New Message
2. Just Type cc
3. Send to 7373
4. Then please follow SMS instructions, you will receive your phone's settings
1. Go to menu -> New Message
2. then type: ig<space>phone model

Example: ig Nokia3230 or ig SonyEricssonT610i
3. Send to 667
You will then receive a TMS confirming your request. Save it to your phone.

* Note: If a PIN is required, enter 1234
Charges: Normal TMS charges apply for each TMS sent to 667
Manual Configuration

If your phone model is not listed please follow these simple steps:

1. Internet Access Point Name (APN): cellcard
2. Data bearer/connection type: GPRS
3. User name: mobitel
4. Password: mobitel
5. Authentication: normal
6. WAP/Proxy address:
7. Port: 8080 (8080 for http and 9201 for wap)
8. Home page:

How to use mobile Internet

1. On the Cellcard Menu on your phone, click Internet
2. Click Browse, wait for the browser to load and you can start browsing
3. To bookmark a Web page, click Tools or Options and then click Bookmark

Surf the Internet for just 50KB/1cent


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