Thursday, April 30, 2015

Communication Makes Your Success

Monthly meeting with colleagues on 30 April 2015.

First of all, I said thank for joining the meeting and then I started the meeting, speaking to all employees to let them raise up the issues, difficulty, proposal or requests because I want to hear, I want to know what is their problem in this month. Everyone can complain from the security bodyguard, cleaner, cooker up to management level.

To do that is to allow me understand what is in your mind, what you can do and what you cannot do. This is the best time everyone can say, tell me then I will try all best to help you all.

On behalf of a leader that is managing a whole business operations it is really not easy. There are many issues need to be resolved. If we cannot solve on time then it will become seriously quarrel in the company.

In order to unite employees to work together with a good cooperation, I stated that there are main 3 ways to do:

1. Adaptation: it is very important for us when we can work together, talk to each other and especially adapt to the company's policies & rules. If we do not adapt to the HR/Admin Rules, there will make more messy, complexity and many problems happen and those will stop the company growing up, make it very slow progress.

2. Respect: As human being, we need to respect each other. Respect meant that we give value to each other when we value people around us it's like we make more friendship. Friendship & relationship makes our feel very fresh and always smile. In the meanwhile when everyone respect Company's rules/policies it's like you respect me as a GM. If you do not respect Company's rules it is like you are throwing your GM into garbage bin. I respect you and you respect me then the world will be beautiful and full of peaceful. That called "BALANCE", Nobody is a loser but we all are the winner together.

3. Communication: we have some problem regarding the communication now. When you go outside or come to work late you never call contacting HR/Admin. If you keep doing like this then your work performance will go down. When you have urgent personal work to do outside or if you know that you will come to work late please contact HR/Admin to let them know where you are. I informed to all of my colleagues that in order to avoid from putting more pressure to you all, I would suggest you learn how to communicate with HR/Admin when you come late. You can drop a message or tell your workmate about your late to HR department. I think that this is a good way you all should accept and start practice from now onward effectively. "Communication" will make your success!!!

All above is some how to coordinate teamwork to make sure they do not get angry or unsatisfied with the company policies so I have to find a middle way, balance between colleagues and company properly and accurately.

When a leader have a open mind, respectful attitude, friendly and skilful which is the needs of employees. Employees they like freedom and easy. Of course I'm providing those to them.


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