Monday, March 10, 2014

A Message For Colleagues After Wonderful Trip (08 March 2014)


On behalf of Company, I would like to say thank for all of you guys to join the trip to Kampong Som last week.

That was a unforgettable memory, it made us to understand each other more and more.

We had a smiling, laughing, eating and drinking especially we had a guitar music since started till ended our time, I can say that it was really wonderful trip ever.

That time was refreshed our feeling and remove all stresses but it created a amazing relationship between one to another.

Even though, there were some conflicts or lack of something a little bit but I believe that everyone will tolerate and continue a such strong friendship forever.

For other staffs that missed this trip, I wish that all of  you will join and enjoy such wonderful one later which will be more bigger,  more fun, more different and more music.

After back from happy time, I hope that you guys will commit the works and complete the project successfully.

Again, I would thank you all very much. Good luck!

Best Regards,

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