Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Google Translate sails past 70 languages with the addition of Bosnian, Javanese and more

Chances are if you use the Internet, you’ve used Google Translate at least once in your life. And from today, Google is opening the technology to potentially an additional 183m people, as it opens to five more languages.

Bosnian, the official language of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been added alongside Cebuano (Philippines), Hmong (China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and the US), Javanese (second most-spoken language in Indonesia), and Marathi (India).

Just a few weeks ago, Google added Khmer, the official language of Cambodia, to its online translation technology, which represented its 66th language.

While Bosnian constitutes a ‘full’ launch, the other four tongues are being classed as in ‘alpha’, meaning there may be more inaccuracies than usual.


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