Monday, July 16, 2012

Cannot Connect SQLServer 2008 with the provider SQLNCLI... Is there any SQL Server 2008 patch to support using SQLNCLI provider to access?

We have a program which developed under SQL Server 2005. In the program the provider of the connect string is hard coded as "SQLNCLI". It's ok running on SQL Server 2005. Now, for some reasons, this program must run under SQL Server 2008 (x64). But our program cannot access the SQL Server.
We check the reason, found that, in SQL Server 2008, SQLNCLI is changed to SQLNCLI10, this caused our program cannot run.
So I want to ask, is there any patch of SQL2008, so that the legacy program can normal access SQLserver with SQLNCLI WITHOUT rebuild a new version?


Since SQLNCLI is published before SQL Server 2008 is published, it is designed to connect to SQL Server 7.0, 2000 and 2005. If we use this provide to connect to SQL Server 2008, it might work incorrectly. Therefore we recommend that you use SQLNCLI10 to connect to SQL Server 2008. Meanwhile SQLNCLI10 could also be used to connect to SQL Server 2005.


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