Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Still Be Able To Process The e-Visa Application

There are many people come from variety countries at Africa, they are really required many documentation while intend to apply for e-Visa to Cambodia. These countries are including:
1. Cameroon
2. Liberia
3. Nige
4. Guinea
5. Guinea Bissau
6. Mali
7. Sierra Leone
8. Mozambique
9. South Africa
10. Ghana
11. Congo
12. Tanzania

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is strict to these countries for e-Visa application.

They are required to have a proper legal insurance from governor or organization in those countries before applying and they are required some completed documents as listed below:

1- At least 6 months passport validity;
2- Attestation, issued by the ministry of foreign affairs of those countries Embassy accredited to the Kingdom of Cambodia;
3- Letter of Guaranty from any international organization or travel agency in Cambodia, and their representative needs to welcome you at the airport or checkpoint, in the present of the immigration police on your arrival;
4- Must have 1,000 USD cash in hand when travel to Cambodia,

Cambodia e-Visa website:


Anyway, if you get hassle to complete all upon requirements, you also can contact with a local travel agency in Cambodia called "PHUMMON KHMER TRAVEL & TOUR CO., LTD" to inquire them to help for your e-Visa application.

PHUMMON KHMER TRAVEL & TOUR CO., LTD is a leading and the first travel agency which working on the online visa application in Cambodia. So if you are in one of upon nationalities you might ask for them to help to apply for your e-Visa to Kingdom of Cambodia.



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