Friday, February 24, 2012

My Team Is Still Rock

Dear Team,
Meeting summary.

Never has someone can break our team because we are understanding each other very well.
This is a message from me, on behalf of coordinator in team, I would like to say thank you very much for a discussion this morning that expressed and shown your doubts, problems from heart, face to face, from each other and we really and strongly hope that the relationship plus collaboration in our teamwork will be more stronger and closer than before.

And I'm really sorry if i said something wrongly in this morning but what i did and said i just played role as a team coordinator while we were having a problem only (my obligation). Otherwise everyone can count me as friend or brother status at outside of the company, even more I am absolutely a open mind boy, easy boy and I really like people around me and i really need more supporters, friends as mentioned.

Everyone can also advise me sometime because i know myself very clear that i cannot dominate 100% of works at all so i have only you guys that help to push me to do something effectively.

Try to update our self more better  and more effective for our future and our reputation.
Increase our competency for our bright future as well.
Brainstorm to make a thing great (think different).

We must believe our self firstly before other. No body can help us besides our self.

p.s: please open this online discussion if everybody have any idea, I'm happy to join :)

No one perfect!!!

Best regards,
Chan Han

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