Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia

The most of people over the world they know Cambodia by Angkor Wat temple that located in Siem Reap province. If you are a newcomer to Cambodia you will be fascinated by plenty of natural treasures such ancient temples, resorts and everywhere of those places are covering by very beautiful green trees that seem to be it's smiling to you. Cambodia has obviously 24 provinces and each of it certainly has unique resorts for its own-self. For the Kratie province is far way from Phnom Pneh city about 330km, it has many famous resorts for you to hang out with your family and friends comfortably. Resorts named "KAM PI" resort and next to it there is "Dophin" resorts, they are really nice places to relax at the weekend or on your holiday particularly it will help to reduce your stress during full working a week. So if you have any vacation day to go there, please do not miss having a pleasure there. Furthermore the Kratie citizens who are living around the resorts are really friendly and full of respects. Around the resort also have many small shops that selling the wooden "dolphin" gifts to offer you to be able to buy it for family or friends as well.

Angkor Wat temple has been known as the wonder temple that designed and structured by Cambodian kings, spent hundreds of  year, many eras of kings to completed it. If you've been there you can see all the architectures and unbelievable designs that build and calculated by people that generation, it is really amazing and awesome.

Are you planning to visit Cambodia? 
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