Monday, April 26, 2010

Thank google, I do love you

On the internet world, what i do love it is Google. Google is a giant of search engine, giant of multimedia , giant of business tools and social networking :* .

A week ago, not only my gmail account but all things related to google were disabled without any confirmation message i was very upset and very angry with google so much then. I was trying to send message and verify the code with my both mobile phone, Smart Mobiel Service [010] & Hello Service [016], but i still cannot to restore. Please note that Google cannot send text message to mobile phone who use Smart Mobile Service [010]

I was posting the message on the Twitter and Facebook to some body who has the same problem but they never meet it, and then i was very hopeless :(.

But on Tue 27th Apr 2010, i was trying to allow google send text message with verification code to my mobile phone, Hello Service 016, and then google sent that code very fast to my mobile. Finally i just verified that code and all things was restoring successful.

So i wanna say "I love you so much, Mr. Google. We are friend forever".

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