Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Water Festival , Cambodia

Cambodia will celebrate Water Festival Ceremony on 1st to 3rd Nov, 2009.
Phnom Penh City welcome to all the tourist from oversea and local tourist to take part in this event together. I hope that it will be crowd all the street , a half of Phnom Penh's street.

To join this big event we would like all the people walk, please don't use your own ways like motor or car driving into the front of riverside it causes traffic jam happen and it makes us difficultly see the event.

And then if you arrive the Hun Sen's Park you don't forget to look around yourself and you will see all the concerts from different station , some they sell the production, promotion , playing , singing for you. But don't forget to buy discount production on that day some like clothes, shoes ... pants..

For me i will go to see the event on the 3rd night at FCC on the up-stair. See you there!!!

Water Festival 2009!!!

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