Friday, September 4, 2009

Germany's Music at CJCC

On September 4th, 2009 the event of German's music was happening at CJCC, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia as they announced on the newspaper this event is free of charge and the ticket must ask for at Meta House.

Iam the one of that event's fan too, i joined it with no seat, was listening by sitting and standing on the floor :(

After the first round was over, some participants went back their home so there were some seat available for me.

Any way it was very romantic and very sweet , My feel mostly fall in it :).


M3 said...

"fall in it"??? ur "it" = asleep?
Falling asleep ey tha klas u eng nus mor tveu eng ey na "fan". erk erk :-P

ហ៊ី ចាន់​ហាន said...

Srey Ka Mab nis, ber not saying nobody will know te...