Thursday, July 30, 2009

Very strange night - very frighten night

On the mid night of July 31 2009, i was sleeping very well after my calling.

At about 2:30AM at night i heard a sound from outside of knocking my rent house's door by unidentified person. They were very quiet they said nothing they did only knocking and kicking very strong to my door for 20 minutes long till my door a little bit broke, that time i was very and very frighten while i was sleeping lonely in the room and i thought they were a thief.

Meanwhile i had called and woke rent house owner come to my house. But when she came then those unidentified person had run away.

Actually they were confusing the house they assumed that my house was his wife's house.
They knocked and kick very strong to the door because he was angry with his wife, his wife said.

Finally they drove the car back again they did not say "sorry" to me at all, dog shit!!!!, they just were walking straight to his wife's room and used the violence to his wife and say loudly at night during people were on the bed very well.

Now i have to repair my door again :(.


Sokhayouk said...

I think that man thought you are his wife because....hahahaha!

ហ៊ី ចាន់​ហាន said...

Youk !!! i am not a woman na... :)

In fact his wife told him that "if you see a room have light turn on every night it is my room please knock it". And my room turn on the light every night that is why he confused.

:) very strange!!!