Monday, November 10, 2008

KOK TOUK SLENG on Saturday 8th November 2008

                                            Kok Toul Sleng

This is the first time for me to visit Kok Toul Sleng and it's one of genocide places of Khmer rouge generation. We were going to there with three people 1- Sophat 2- Pouk Mark Knhom (Dana) and the last one is ChanHan. ChanHan, the one pic is staying on the top with red shirt and small eyes (Or you can say Phnek Leup Leup :p) and smiling in the prison of victims. But please don't confuse that he is one of the victims in that regime he is just forced to enter inside to shoot the photo only :) . 

Now i want to inform all of you that if you are a foreigner you must pay for $2 or $3 dollar per person but if you are Cambodian you are free of charge to visit there but you absolutely just pay for your motor parking.  

From the gateway after you have paid or parking already you must follow up with the introduction from left to right by arrows notation to take all of you to visit step by step to look at the victims life in the each room. (Building A) In the room of those vitims it has a bed, and a chain, it's the instrument for tying ankles to attach to the bed's footer. 

In the picture above, you are seeing it's a very small prison for special victims which they kept them and the style of those prison you can see a too small window in the front it's used to give some food to the victims, it's like one picture above i was inside and i was looking for food but i was shot by my POUK MARK :p ha ha ha..., at the Kok Toul Sleng, there are three main buildings that you can spend only 1 hour or 2 hours to visit it. 

Finally i would like to invit all of you to visit there together to get some knowledge from Kok Toul Sleng in Khmer Rouge Rigime who you've never met so far. For the best day is Saturday and Sunday. Are you ready???? :p

Thanks for reading !!! :)

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