Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to stay relevant to the Market as a Programmer ?

Programming these days involve the programmers to get updated to the technologies that they work on . This will make them competant too.
There are engineers who are in the programming fields from very long time . How does the Programmers stay relevant in their field ?
Sometimes it may happen that the programmer might end up working on technologies that might be an older version of the framework , the simplest trick here to keep oneself updated is to
  • Read various technology blogs
  • Attend various programming conferences
  • Network with people with similar interests
  • Read good books on technology
  • Getting involved in multiple projects
  • Taking up open source projects
  • Involve in community activities.
  • and more…
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How do Programmers improve the skills beyond work ?

Few programmers would love to code most of the time . When they code at work , they are bound to just work at the tasks given to me and sometimes feel shortage of the expectation .
What are the different ways by which the programmers can improve the skills beyond their work ?
Below are some interesting things that programmers can do to improve their skills beyond work.
1. Code something in your free time but do not over do it.
2. Pick up a open source project and contribute to it.
3. Read some interesting books both technical and non technical.
4. Presentation of some interesting topics to your colleagues or friends.
5. Get involved with the User Community.
6. Take up a course of your interest .
7. Don’t open your computer during weekend . Spend more time with the family and friends.

 Source: http://nativeblogger.com/how-do-programmers-improve-the-skills-beyond-work/

Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to face your rude boss in the office?

How to face your rude boss in the office?

If your boss or manager is rude, your life may become difficult and hard. In this article we have tried to mention some points which may help you in handling your rude boss as you have to spend 8-9 hours of a day in the office.

1. Keep your boss posted: It is important for your boss to feel in control and aware of all aspects of work. He may be a delegator or a dictator but each boss wants to be updated on progress of work on a regular basis.

2. Find the root cause: Rather than whining over a bad boss and his attitude towards you. Try and find the reason for such an attitude. Find out if he reacts the same way with all his subordinates. At many times the boss is not aware of this attitude and the problem it causes you. Openly discussing the problem with the boss may be the easiest solution.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Keys to get success

There are many talent people in the world they have got a successful life. Do you wonder how is the ways that make them to get success?

Successful mean that you must achieve what you plan to do such as it is in business that you must make more and more revenue.

To become a successful person is not easy and it is also not difficult but you have to make sure you can do or not.

There are some keys that I think it will help you to get successful in life:
1. Must be patient and commitment bigger than other people
2. Open your heart for every one surrounding you
3. Do not quickly forget your promises
4. Do not quickly forget your past activities
5. Must open eyes look at the world whether how big it is
6. Must always think for tomorrow

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Home, Tomorrow

I'm going to my homeland, Kratie province, on tomorrow 10th March 2013.
I wish I'm gonna get there very safe.

Welcome to my home, my mother again!

And I will come back to PP on 14th March 2013.

Time is going very fast, it is the time of my mother's 1year anniversary already :'(

This is life!! Hmm

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My mother's anniversary for 1year

:'( Tear never end. I miss my mother. She passed away for one year already but my heart and soul still shout to her.

On 12nd March is my mother's anniversary day so it is coming soon and I will go back homeland on 10th March 2013.

Mother, your son is now wishing  you to rest in peace and have a better next life :'(

Your son never forget you at all.

Everyday before sleeping and come to work I always look at my mother's photo at first.

From now till I die, I will never have a chance to talk to my mother anymore :'(.
So what I must do now it is trying to work and become a honorable person in the society for my mother.

Hope she is smiling to me and staying near me everyday.